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The charge for the simplest web site (one page, no pictures) is $25.  Pictures will cost extra. Otherwise websites cost about $25-35 a page.

The charge to host a website is about $45 a year.  If Simple Web Design Registers a domain name, the cost will be  about $30 for two years depending where the domain name is registered.  Web site host searching and domain name registration are optional services.

Charge for building the website: $25 for a simple website (one page, no pictures, $75-100 for an average website) (Due when website is up)

Charge for finding a domain name: About $30 for two years ($31.14 from (Due up front)

Charge for maintaining the website: $45 per year for simple changes (First bill due 1 month after website is up. Each additional bill (yearly) due on the anniversary of the first bill.)

Service Description (*.doc file)

Service Description (*.pdf file)